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IN the late 70s Joan D. Hampton was a teenager and "I'm Every Woman" by soul music goddess, Chaka Khan dominated the radio airwaves. Over 40 years later, Chaka's anthem is dubbed a classic, and Joan stands at the helm of her own women's empowerment initiative, the Sumter, South Carolina-based The Total Woman Teaching Series (TTW).

Joan, a demure and poised woman, is introspective regarding her journey that encompasses interesting twists and turns and highs and lows. From growing up in rural Lane, South Carolina, experiencing the death of a close relative, serving as one of the first female police officers in Kingstree, SC in the 80s, to her diverse professional experiences within the financial services, and beauty & fashion industries over the past three decades. Joan has survived, thrived, and reinvented herself many times over.

These days the speaker, stylist, and advocate is the Founder and Executive Director of Good Shepherd Outreach Ministries. She facilitates criminal domestic violence presentations for community, church, and corporate organizations and hosts quarterly women's regional conferences that encompass beauty, health, finances, and spiritual well-being. Her efforts reflect her commitment to motivating women to reach their full potential to become the "The Total Woman" that the Creator made them to be."

SOLIVAGANT had an opportunity to speak with Joan to learn more about her Total Woman empowerment efforts, how she turned a personal tragedy to an advocacy opportunity, and her vision for the future.

SOLIVAGANT: What does it mean to be or to become The Total Woman. What was the catalyst for you to launch such an initiative?

JOAN: To be or become "The Total Woman" is to be or become all that our Creator planned for me to be…whole, complete & nothing lacking in my spirit, soul & body! The Biblical scripture, 1 Thessalonians 5:23, is the basis of my belief.

When I quickly realized that being "The Total Woman" was not just for me, but that it's the Creator's Master plan for all women, thus "The Total Woman's Teaching Series was birthed.

SOLIVAGANT: Over the years you've worked in an array of industries - as a fashion model, police officer, financial services professional, fitness instructor, to a beauty consultant with Mary Kay. How do your cumulative experiences enhance what you do as CEO of TTW?

JOAN: I believe that the cumulative experiences that I have had in these industries, along with the education and training that I've received, prepared me in the areas of spirituality, beauty, health, and finances to be the most effective Facilitator & CEO of TTW.

SOLIVAGANT: In the 80s, you experienced a personal tragedy with the loss of a close relative due to domestic violence. How have you taken this tragedy and turned into advocacy and an awareness campaign in your work?

JOAN: Yes, unfortunately, in the 1980s, I lost a Sister to Criminal Domestic Violence. I decided then to honor her memory, life & legacy as a daughter, sister & mother by creating a CDV Awareness & Victims Advocacy Program via Good Shepherd Outreach Ministries, Sumter SC.

The CDV Program encompasses having an open dialogue with churches, communities, corporate leaders, and especially conversations with women & women's organizations to share info, making them aware of CDV and the negative and debilitating impact of it in South Carolina.

I also use this CDV program as a platform to encourage women in CDV crisis to get the help they need. We provide confidential referrals & resources. In 2020 and beyond, I will continue the GSOM CDV advocacy & awareness campaign through Quarterly TTW Conferences, Inspirational Speaking Events, and Personal Style Appointments.

SOLIVAGANT: What are your plans for honoring the legacy of your sister?

JOAN: My plan in honoring the legacy of my sister is to open a Crisis Shelter in Williamsburg County, South Carolina, where she died. A Crisis Shelter for Women and their minor children, where they can come to for temporary Shelter & know that they will be safe until they can transition to another safe place that they can call home.

SOLIVAGANT: On a lighter note, aside from your leadership and community service efforts, what do you do for recreation?

JOAN: I enjoy the simple things of life, such as long quiet walks, taking a slow drive in the countryside, reading a good book, and a homemade dinner with family & good friends.

SOLIVAGANT: What would list as your top three achievements?

JOAN: My Top 3 achievements, I would say, are: Ministry, Marriage & My Children. I have spent at least 30 plus Years of My Life on each of them!

SOLIVAGANT: What can we expect from TTW in 2020 and beyond?

JOAN: We Can Expect from TTW in 2020 and beyond is to be Bigger, Bolder, and Better!

For more information about Joan, The Total Woman Teaching Series, and its criminal domestic violence advocacy efforts, visit

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