an abridged list of US-productions shot in Romania

JOC Media's Justin O. Cooper is the LA-based, U.S. Liaison to Family Film, a Bucharest-based full-service production services company whose body of work includes providing on-the-ground logistics management and support for international productions and multinational brands including  Netflix, Absolut, Ikea, Kia Motors. Family Film is capable, eager,  and stand ready to assist you with your production service needs in Eastern Europe.

Filming in Romania:

  • Minimum Spend $110K & needs to be at least 20% of the total budget

  • 35% Cash Rebate for Eligible Feature Films, TV Series, Shorts, Documentaries, and Animation

  • Films that Promote Romania & Spend Can Receive an Additional 10% for up to a 45% Cash Rebate

  • $11M Per Project Cap

  • Cashback in 4-6 Months

  • Cultural Test (Comparable to other European Nations)

  • Romania Has the Capacity service 4 - 5 Major Productions Concurrently

  • Download Film Incentives Details

  • Download the Romania Crew Rate Card

  • Download Cultural Test Info

What Romania Offers:
  • Financial Incentives

  • Breathtaking Landscapes - Urban, Rural, Suburban, Snow Covered Mountains, Dense Forests, Beaches, and Many Lake & River Locations

  • 30+ Modern Fully Equipped Soundstages

  • Home to One of the Largest Indoor Water Tank/Stage in Europe

  • 37 Hectares Backlot that Includes 15 Hectares of Forest & Available for Set Construction 

  • Skilled English-Speaking Local Tech & Creative Talent at International Competitive Rates

  • Safe & Stable Political Environment

  • World-Class Hotels, International Cuisine, Active Social & Entertainment Venues

  • Modern Infrastructure and Telecom Network

  • Direct and or Easy Flights to All Major Destinations

  • Affordable Low-Cost Production Rates

  • Moderate Weather

To schedule a meeting to discuss your Romania-based production needs, contact Justin at +1.404.803.3006, complete the online contact form, or email For additional info, visit,