Justin is a breath of fresh air to work with and I hope we’re able to work together again.
Armando Boquiren

Location Manager
Disney Pictures' Million Dollar Arm


Justin is reliable, dedicated and approaches his work with determination. I was always impressed with his ability to handle a large number of tasks and projects on time. 
Melanie Field

Former Director of Finance
Assoc. of Film Commissioners Int'l.


Justin is a wonderful writer. He's provided thorough and insightful interviews and keeps his finger on what is hot, timely and current in music and entertainment.
David Mitchell

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
Music Industry Quarterly Mag.


Justin’s organization and sense of calm during the melee of filming are awe-inspiring. He is dependable, organized, conscientious, responsible, poised, and composed.

Tamara Partridge

Executive Director
Clayton Co. Convention & Visitors Bureau and Film Office


I’m impressed by Justin’s complete professionalism and organizational skills.

Francis Lopez

Locations Department
Creative Scotland


Justin demonstrates a breadth of knowledge and skills. As a public relations and marketing professional, his analytical skills and assessments of complex, multi-faceted programs and projects are unequaled.

James E. Crissey

Former President & CEO
Southern Regional Medical Center


Always, in his work, Justin is consistent, dedicated, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to work with. 

Ann Nesby

GRAMMY Winner/Actress

It has been a pleasure working with Justin, his unique ability to remain calm and optimistic in some of the most chaotic situations are to be admired and his willingness to go the extra mile is commendable.

Bianca Crawford

Former Promotions Dir. 
CW Network, WZRB 47 TV