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Justin O. Cooper is an influential figure in the entertainment industry, skillfully merging his passion for global culture with an extensive career across film, television, music, and marketing communications. As the visionary founder and CEO of JOCMedia & Entertainment, LLC, Cooper has elevated the company to premier status in the creative services sector, renowned for its innovative marketing solutions and exceptional film-TV production quality. His stewardship of KALEIDOSCOPE, JOCMedia's distinguished production division, highlights a dedication to developing film and television projects with global appeal.

In his strategic role as the North American Liaison for The Royal Film Commission-Jordan, Cooper has played a critical role in supporting the production of major blockbusters, including Aladdin, Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker, and others. His expertise also extends to international film markets, with notable contributions in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Thailand, demonstrating his wide-ranging global influence.

At Southern Regional Medical Center in Georgia, Cooper's adept coordination and leadership in managing logistics for Hollywood productions have led to significant financial and community benefits. His efforts supported notable films such as What to Expect When You're Expecting, Ride Along, Project Almanac, Million Dollar Arm, and others at the location. These productions generated half a million dollars in location fees, which were directly allocated to the Southern Regional Foundation, supporting patient care and showcasing Cooper's ability to utilize entertainment as a vehicle for philanthropy.

In the music arena, Cooper's legacy includes roles with leading record labels such as Warner, Elektra, Atlantic Records (WEA), and TVT Records. His tenure as a music PR publicist for Grammy-nominated artists like Ann Nesby and Calvin Richardson and his success as an ASCAP and SESAC-affiliated songwriter underscores his diverse talents. His collaboration on "You Are My Everything" with Grammy winner Tom Scott and Ann Nesby, which charted on Billboard's Jazz Charts and earned him an ASCAP Plus Award, highlights his achievement within music.

Cooper's academic achievements are foundational to his career. A distinguished Benedict College alumnus, he majored in Mass Communication, setting the stage for his future successes. His commitment to ongoing professional development is evident in his attainment of advanced certifications in Film and Television Development and Film Editing from UCLA. These certifications enriched his understanding of the creative and operational aspects of the entertainment industry. His specialized certifications from the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) University, focusing on the function of film commissions, equipped him with in-depth knowledge of their crucial role in supporting film productions and navigating the complexities of international film incentives.

Justin O. Cooper's career embodies visionary leadership, cultural intelligence, and a steadfast commitment to the arts. His educational background and professional experiences illustrate a continuous pursuit of excellence and a deep commitment to enriching the global entertainment landscape. 


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